WD Media Server & LG TV external subtitles

I have upgraded to firmware version 02.41.05-034 and switch to WD Media Server.  However, no external subtitle in srt file is displayed when I play mkv file on LG TV through DLNA. The srt file was placed in the same folder as the mkv file and with the same filename.  How can I fix this problem?

Both DLNA server or WD Media Server  did not support ext sub

Please dont give wrong infos.

I have the same setup but with different TV (WD Media Server + Samsung) and the subtitles (.srt) are working without any issues. As such could be something with the TV player.

As far as I have understood, neither the twonky or wd media server stream subtitles, you would need to install Mini DLNA

Twonky 7.2 support .mkv files and also .srt subtitles. The bad thing is that you need to buy a key for Twonky 7.2. You can test it because they offer you a 30 days trial.