Can't play MKVs on samsung ue60es6300


I recently bought a “My Book Live” and connected it with my LAN successfully. The very first time I browsed the My Book from the Samsung ue60es6300, the TV said that this file format is not supported. Actually it plays these files when read from a USB stick (but not from the “allshare” software on a Win7 PC) Now, the files seem to be hidden when browsing, the TV shows the folders/shares of the My Book empty.

Do I need to get a firmware update or something?

Well, after spending some hours of research, I fixed the issue myself. But really, this is ridiculous.  This NAS is being shipped with completely outdated software – and I bought it just yesterday. To use current technologies (such was mkv streaming to Samsung) the customer needs to update this software in a complicated process and on his own expense (about 20 bucks). This is rather difficult for people without advanced computer skills, as they need to find the information from other user’s websites and figure out some details on their own.

To me, this business policy is a shame. Asian manufactures seem to be less profit-oriented when it comes to give updates to their customers. Since there is a linux OS running on this device, I wonder why they’re not using an open source implementation of a DLNA server – which might exist.

A good source of information is this:

The only note from me is that I had to reboot the “My Book” for the changes to take actually effect on the TV. But be aware, that after a reboot the old version of the Twonky Server will start again and the necessary rights need to be changed again after the reboot. Once everything works fine, you may make the changes persistent. Last to mention (or actually first as it just came to me while typing) is that SSH connections must be enabled first, since they are disabled by default. To do so, we need to use an alternate web gui found at /UI/ssh – I used the “putty” program to gain that access.

Greets from Switz (which might explain my funny English) but think of people who don’t even know this language, they’re really in trouble with this product.