Problem with My Book Live 2 To


I have a My Book Live 2 To (Nas server) connected on my NeufBox. I have a Tv Samsung connected to my Neufbox with ethernet cable.

When on my Tv i select dlna in order to access to My Book Live (with twonky), i can’t read the HD movie (.mkv) : i have a mistake. Nevertheless, i can read music, photo and divx (.avi) without problem.

Anybody can help me please ? Thank you.


PS : sorry for my English but i’m french :wink:

The version of Twonky on the MBL does not do transcoding… it just sends the file.

Your DLNA TV probably doesn’t read .mkv.  Matroska isn’t one of the official DLNA formats.

From what I can see from Samsung, here’s what their TVs will accept:

When i connect my external hard disk directly on the TV in USB, there is no problem : i can read HD movie (.mkv) with dolby sound : therefore i don’t think that the problem is the TV (Samsung UE 32 C 6710).

I’ve forgotten to say too : i’ve tried with my ps3 and i’ve the same problem !

I think that the problem concern My Book Live and maybe like you say, the twonky. Can i update the version of Twonky ?

Thank you

Ps : on the notice of My Book Live, it’s written that format .mkv is supported by MBL !

What happens with a locally attached drive is unfortunately irrelevant.

As far as I can see, Samsung says they only support the official DLNA formats when sending over DLNA.  MKV isn’t one of the official formats.

The MBL (or, the Twonky version on the MBL) does send .mkv if the device will accept it.  And no, to my knowledge the version can’t be changed and a newer version wouldn’t help if the TV is refusing the file.


I will try to convert my HD movie in mpg format in order to see if it’s ok.

I have too the same problem with my PS3… i think that it’s the same answer that the tv !

Thank you for the help :wink:

I’ve written to Samsung Customer Service and I’ve get a reply : the file > 4 Go can’t be read on the TV !

That’s too bad…

Bye and thank you :wink:

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Same issue, but the video is visible, when attempt to play just get “loading” and then the tv resets, any advice?