DLNA Server on my My Book Live?


I recently bought a My Book Live 3TB. I have been using it so far as DLNA MEDIA SERVER with no problems but the MKV support.

Now I would like to play my 3D movies from de Server so i need MKV Support. I have read that my MBL come with a Twonky media server 5 and I can upgrade to 7 paying the license. I don´t mine spending it but I first want to be sure it will work fine.

I really don´t know if I have Twonky server or not in my MBL because, when i try to access to http://IP:9000 or http://IP:9000/config I get an error (Chrome, Safari, doesn´t mine the browser) and when I go to the unit dashboard, under Configuration -> Multimedia, the DLNA version shown is

Can I upgrade to twonky 7 or I have another server??? If I have another server, can I do something to get MKV supoort?


First browse your MBL through the dashboard and click Setting -> then the Media tab.

You should see Twonky Serice  with a check box. Ensure the box is checked. This will activate the Tonky Media Server and it will start building a database of shared files to share via DLNA. It make take some time to complete the database.

Click status to know more.

Once its started you should be able to access it my  using http://mybooklive:9000 or its ip:9000.

Ive diabled mine due to generally high disk activity.