DLNA Server Switching to Twonky


I’m sorry if these questions were already, answered, but i’ve searched and did no found the answers.

So, the main problem is that i can’t see subtitles in the movies that i have in MyBook Live…i see all formats of movies in the Smart TV (by DLNA), but i can’t see the subtitles of the movies (note: subtitles are in the same folder of the movie and has the same filename, except the extension).

So, the questions are:

1 - Is there a way to install Twonky Media in My Book Live? I’ve followed these instructions but it did not work, because MBL had been purchased only with DLNA server:


2 - If i install twonky media, will i loose my warranty?

3- If i install twonky media, will i see all the movies formats (avi, mkv, mp4), and respective subtitles?

Thanks for the upcoming answers.

follow the instrucitons on ths thread for the Duo


That guide is for those MBL that already have Townky, isn’t it?

That’s not my case, my MBl doesn’t have twonky, only DLNA server…

read a bit more carefully. The Duo never came with Twonky.