Twonky Server on MyBook Live - Samsung TV mkv issue

I own a MyBook Live which runs Twonky server version 5.19. I have the issue that I cannot stream mkv files to my TV over DLNA. - I can stream the same file from Twonky to another DLNA client - I can also read the same file on my Samsung from another DLNA server (netgear) The issue lies in the fact that I need to set up my TV within Twonky. I have read up a lot about this issue which many people seem to be experiencing and the suggested solution is to change the client setting from ‘generic media receiver’ to ‘Samsung TV’ from within the Twonky control panel. I am able to get into the control panel and I am also able to select ‘Samsung TV’ from the drop-down menu. The problem is that once I click save the setting always reverts back to ‘generic media receiver’. I have tried resetting and restarting the server and nothing has helped. Once the ‘Samsung TV’ setting stuck but the server then created a dual entry of the same mac in lower case letters which was listed as a ‘generic media receiver’. Any suggestions of how I could be able to solve this? Does anyone know in what file Twonky stores the mac and client setting? Maybe I can change it manually via SSH…

It sounds like an incompatibility between Twonky and your TV.  I suggest you to contact WD and ask your case to be handled by their Advanced Support. 

The TV is compatible. There is a problem with the MyBook Twonky and EVERY Samsung TV. However, changing the client to Samsung TV solves the issue. As described, I am unable to actually change this setting as it simply reverts back

Hello ,

I Pay the New Twonky and update my MyBookLive 2TB .

So MKV Files is stream on my Samsung TV over DLNA.

My Twonky Version is 6.0.39