MBL Duo 6TB - Can't view files via. Explorer or WDTV Live since updating firmware

Yesterday I upgraded to the latest firmware and today I can’t view my pic’s, videos or music files.  I’m running Windows 7. WD Quick View shows the files are there, but when I try to access the files via. Laptop all folders indicate they are empty. Trying to access thru Quick View also show the folders as empty. To top it off, I have WDTV Live and that is not working anymore.  I know the files are there I just can’t view/access them… I’ve shut everything down and rebooted…Any suggestions?



Try power cycling the My Book. If the problem continues, you can also try pressing the reset button on the back for 4 seconds. 

Reset/reboot of unit does not work. Rebooting router.laptop did nothing.  Reinstalling WD interface sofware did nothing.  I disconnected the unit ethernet cable from the router and connected directly to my laptop, mapped the unit and same issue; I can see the public/movies folder, but the movies folder is empty yet the properties says the folder has data.  This is the same for picture/music folders.  Software folder shows original software for MBL Duo. Support is upping it to level-2 support…