VOB files not visible

I have a WD my book world 1tb which I used to store my films on and stream to my Sony bravia TV. The drive was full so Ippurchased a my book live but when I copied the films over some of them could not be seen by my TV. I can see them using my phone or laptop. If I copy them back to my my book world the TV can see them again. Anyone got any ideas. Cheers Pete

Check if you have the latest firmware version installed. Follow the link below for the instructions. 


Firmare is up to date. It a 3tb my book live and i have just brought a second hand 2tb my book world but have the same problem. Its very odd as i have 2 x 1tb my book worlds and the files work fine on both of them but when i try them on the 2 or 3 tb the tv just says the folder is empty.