Remote access WD2GO missing files

When connecting using Macbook to MBL 3tb shows files but missing some… When try to acccess using win8 all files are there??

Any Idea why?

Thank You

Hello and welcome, 

What type of files are you trying to access? 

They are wav files

When using a mac it shows 12. On windows 14…

On direct connect either mac or pc it shows 14…

When downloading with internet with Mac some of the 12 that were showed are not even downloaded

Hi again, check if you have the latest firmware update installed. 

How to update the firmware on a My Book Live or My Book Live Duo

You can also try clicking on rescan or rebuild from the My Book dashboard. Check page 114 of the manual. 


Yes I did all that. Any issue with java and Mac since working fine with windows??

Hi SIJDutrisac, please check your private messages. 


When i accessed my video files remotely they all disappeared, i can see in the database the files are saying 220 video files but none in the shared folder. It happen as soonas i played a file remotley and i have had no luck recovering them. All the other folers have not been affected. I have tried a reboot , data recovery software and reset button on the back of my live book 1TB, aNYIDEAS IREALLY DONT WANT TO FORMAT THE DISK???