Can't access MyBook Live files

Hi everyone. I’ve been using MyBook Live 2 TB for a 6 months and have 2 shares on it - one with iTunes Library and other with photos. Some days ago network shares from MyBook Live disappear from WIndows Explorer (Windows 7 SP1 32 bit) and MAc OS X Finder (Mac OS X 10.7.1) and from WD2Go app on the iPhone 4 (4.3.5, no jailbreak). I’ve been able to mount network shares on Windows, but they are too slow and I can’t play any video or audio file (through iTunes or through foobar2000), but I can view photos on the second share. Mac Finder and iPhone with WD2Go can’t connect at all (iPhone reports F.11 error). I can also access web interface of MyBook Live: short test reports that there are no issues and remote access dashboard says that it is connected to wd2go. What can it be?

sounds like you’re having issues with Lion.  did you do the firmware update that wd pushed?

Yes I have this update installed as soon as it became available. I always keep MyBook Live software up-to-date.

And I don’t think this is the Lion problem: I have two notebooks with Lion and Windows 7 desktop and see similar behavior.

I’ve just tried to reset MyBook Live Network settings and completely reinstall WD Smartware and QuickView.

Setup couldn’t add a shortcut for a disk to my desktop and nothing has changed.

I’ve figured out what was wrong!

It appears that Microsoft Network Client was disabled for my network connection. Enabling it solve the problem!