MBL 1TB - Solid Green to Solid Yellow Light Loop - Can't Connect to device - What are my options?

Hello everyone, I’ve had my MyBookLive 1 TB unit for less than a year and it has worked like a charm until very recently. Now, I simply can’t connect to the drive on my network. I have tried connecting it to my PC and did not succeed.

What I can tell from looking at the device is that it seems like the front light is solid green for a couple of minutes and then sloid yellow for a couple of minutes and it just keeps going on. If I look in the back, the green network activity light is blinking regularly and the orange light is on solid.

I hear and feel the drive spinning, but dont hear any activity or clicking.

At this point, I would just like to get my data out of the drive. What do you guys think are my options?

  1. Will hitting the reset button on the MBL erase my data? Or will it just reset the firmware on the device and leave my data intact so that I can still get it to it?

  2. Can I just open the unit and plug the drive into my PC? (I care more about my data than voiding the warranty)

  3. ???

Thanks in advance!

1- No, it does not  delete your data neither reset the firmware version of your drive.

2- As far as I know, this drive will not be recognize in a Windows computer, the drive file system is EXT-3.