Problems with WD Mybooklive 3TB,helppppp, green light flashing

Hi, I ahve two units of wd mybooklive 3TB. I started to tranbsfer to uno of them and everything was perfect. After that y tryed to coenct the second unit and I had several problems because I could not set up the unit.

Thats why I turned off the unit that was working. Now the problem is with this unit:

  • It is always flashing in green,now for more that 1 day(the unit has more that 2 TB inside)

  • I can not conect to the unit(but I can with the new one)

Just to clarify, Ia have macs and PCs and I have done all the users for the Apps with my android stuff and IOS products…

Is it posible that because the HD is almost full it takes a lot of time to sincronize with the network?

Please, someone could help me with this?

Best regards

It should not take any additional time for the unit to connect to the network. I have a 3T filled up, and it boots up in a couple minutes.

The flashing green light indicates that the drive is being accessed, or is sorting.

Did you ever change the device name of your first unit, or is it still called MyBookLive?

If it was never changed, this could explain why your second one would not work correctly.

What to try:

  1. Reboot the MyBookLive(MBL) and your PC
  • Just in case one of them does not have the correct IP address.

If this does not work

  1. Connect a network cable directly from the MBL to your Mac/PC. Then reboot them both.
  • This will take your router / network out of the problem.

If this does not work

  1. Leave the network cable between the MBL and your computer, and press the “Reset” button on the MBL for about 5 seconds.
  • This will NOT delete your data. All it will do is reset any admin password and custom network settings.

Hopefully at one of these steps you will see the MBL appear on your network. If not, then there are a couple more things we can try, but I will wait to hear back.

If it does not work.

  1. What type of Mac / PC do you have. What OS (ie Lion / Windows7)

  2. How is the MBL attached to your network

  3. What was the MBL’s name on  your network.

Sorry, I had a problem with the bad HD, I have recieved a new one today. The problem now is that I can not conect the two units at the same time, and not just this, i can not see the second unit unless I conect it straight to my etherrnet conector in my mac.Because of that, I tryed to upgarde the firmware of the HD but, it seems that it is imposible to use the wifi conexion if I ahve pluged the HD. In the other hand I do ahve wifi acces, bup it seems that I can not update the unit.

Regarding OS, what I have is:

  • 2 PC with windows 7

  • 1 MAc with Mac os 10.7.5

  • 1 Mac with os 10.6.5

Hope someone can jelp me with it.

Do both drives have the same default name ‘mybooklive’? If so, try renaming one. Two devices with the same name will confuse all the devices on your network.

I have renamed the one that was working, so the new one must have the default name.

I think that toculista not the problem.


Hii Chaos311

Mine is WD 2T Mylivebook it’s seems appear same problem with flashing green light on Led indicator it’s appear after I logon to logon menu into dashboard and after I click a link such as create a user it goes to stuck and do nothing except error code 32113 and other network issue error. do You have any idea what should I do next please?

note: I did rename the device, rebooted it and restore the factory default but it seem to failed everytime I was tried to start it back again.


is it Mybooklive have a user or folder shares creation limitation?

as I couldn’t do anything to stop the green light flashing after I create some folder and username and it start all over again with the same user and folder after I reset to factory default.

please advise guys.