Blue light with a brief flash of green!

The above describes my current myBookLive issue.

Solid blue, brief switch to green (for a tenth of a second or so) every 10 seconds.

I’m worried by data is gone forever!

What happened that drive started acting up?

Do you have the latest firmware>?

Have you powercycle or reset the drive?

How many seconds between the LED going from blue to green?

Is the MBL staying for blie with the green led blinking every 60 seconds?

Does your MBL seem to be working normally even though the LED is showing blue?

I have a 3 month old MBL 2TB has 235 gig of music and pics, dont use for streaming just storage, tried to upload pics drive error appeared then green light flashed for days so i read the manual did as instructed, now the led stays blue with a short flash of yellow every 15 to 20 seconds, any ideas, was gunna buy a WD streamer to listen and view pics but if the drive acts up after 3 months with little use what can you do, anyone have any ideas?


It flashes yellow and not green but mostly blue?  I guess you’ve done this, but I’ll ask anyway.  Have you power-cycled the NAS?  If you can’t shut it down as prescribed then just pull the plug.  I’ll have a look at the scripts in the back-end. is the script that continually runs, but I I didn’t see any reference in there to setting the LED to yellow.