Blue light - is it bricked?

Hi, First post here and I would appreciate your help. I decided to try and copy my 40GB itunes library to my MBL. After and hour or so, it stopped copying (can’t remember why) and became stuck with a solid green light. I (perhaps foolishly) ended up pulling the plug as I couldn’t get it to respond in any other way. It came back VERY slowly and I accessed the dashboard. It said that it needed a firmware update, which I did (again, very slowly) but when it said it wanted to reboot, it failed to do so. I tried to reset using a paper clip but it is now permanently stuck on a blue light with an occasional flash to yellow / white.

Has the worst occurred? Is it completely bricked now? Any advice gratefully receieved… :cry:

Are you sure the drive isn’t just in standby mode? Usually when it boots up its a solid yellow color that being illuminated.

I don’t think so, no. I can’t get it to respond to anything at all now… it just sits there with a blue light that occasionaly flashes to white / yellow. If it was in standby mode, it would be visible to the WD Link tool, right? But WD Link can’t find it… am I doing something stupid?

When you did the reset, did you hold the reset button for more than 4 seconds?

Hi, yes, I tried holding it down for longer. I will try that again though, just to be on the safe side this evening… 

Hi, I have the exactly same problem with my MBL 3TB. I think the automatic update do not know pass correctly, it’s really sad and on site wd  technical support instructions to set a manual update doesn’t work.

Reset MBL, reset router and reset Winsock and this failed to resolve problem. What’s happening WD support, UNBRICK it really is the only option?

Many of us with the same problem.

Thanks for your help.