Cant access MBL - Blue & Yellow flashing light

Ive had my MBL 2TB for about 6 months and its worked prefectly.  Today, I cant access it at all.  On switching the power on Im seeing the LED solid blue for approx 6 seconds then it switches to solid yellow for 6 seconds and goes round this loop in an endless cycle.

Ive tried holding in the reset button in the back but that doesnt do anything.

Any ideas what could be wrong and how to fix it?

I left the NAS plugged in overnight with the blue/yellow loop continuing and this morning it just shows as a solid yellow light.

I still cant connect to or see the MBL unit via either PC or router.

I’ve tried the reset button on the MBL (both for approx 4 seconds and for up to 2 mins) but this hasnt done anything.

Any ideas as there’s data on there I could do with recovering??

What I’m getting is a solid yellow light on my WD My Book Live.  I just bought the fuqin junk two months ago and now I’m unable to access my precious files in it. I was just working on it yesterday yesterday, there was no power surges, or any changes made. WD is willing to replace it, but WHAT ABOUT MY FILES?? They’re asking me to get it serviced with Drive Savers which costs 10x more expensive…I am willing to open this hard drive up just to get my files and I am never going to buy a WD again. Has anyone here tried opening up their WD Live? I am just worried that the files are encrypted in some sort and end up without any ways of recovering them, please help…