MB 1 TB Not Seen

The drive was working just fine, I rebooted my PC, and when I open Smartware the drive is nowhere to be seen. I have it password protected.

Yet Disk Management does see the drive, and just says its wrtie protected. I’ve tried powereing it down, changing USB ports, its always seen by Disk Management, but yet WD’s own softare cant see the drive? I have a ton of information i cant afford to loose. Has the drive somehow become corrupt from a simple everyday restart?

The Software won’t see the drive until you unlock the drive. Go to Computer / My computer and open either the WD Smartware VCD or the Unlocker VCD to manually unlock the drive.

You should also get a backup, if the drive fails you’ll lose your data.

When a drive is password protected you have to enter the password in order to the computer recognize it, if the drive unlocker doesnt prompt when you plug the drive on the computer then, do it manually like ThePizzaMatrix just said.-