Cannot see my WD Drive in Computer

Hi experts,

I connected my WD Drive to my computer but I cannot see it in Computer. Even the unlocker tool is not showing but I see th below icons :

I checked in Disk Management, I got the below message :

Please advise …

Dear Sir,

Its same above situation with my 1tb element too and not showing the size as well.

Plz help

I’m also having the same problem.  Says the disk is write protected and new simple volume is greyed out won’t let me format.

i have the same problem. in my case unloacker software is working. but after that nothing… and hanging my other apps. but when unplug all apps working fine.


I don’t know why this community is being there. The problem has been posted since a week and until now without any solution.

Would you please help on this issue ?




I actually have the same exact problem with my WD My Passport.  I’ve already logged a case to WD yesterday but so far no response yet.  What happened was all of a sudden the unlocker won’t unlock my drive (even though I do know the password, 100%).  Here’s what’s happening:

  • I plug in the external drive to any computer (win7ENT/win7Pro/win7Ultimate) with the Smartware installed and on the others not installed, and it would ask for the password

  • I type in the correct password and it would say that the drive has now been unlocked, however it would not show my drive and it seems that it’s just in a “reading phase” then the unlocker would pop up again prompting me to type the password

  • I haven’t done any software upgrade / firmware upgrade to the drive as it did not have any issues up til last week (this issue)

  • I can see the drive using devmgmt.msc > disk management, however same with the original author of this post the disk is not initialized and when you try to do it it would say the disk is write-protected

  • I’ve been reading other posts and what they have is they can still configure the external HDD using the Smartware, however in THIS particular case (same with the others in this post) we do not have that option as the Smartware also says that the drive is locked and when you unlock it, it just reiterates what’s happening as menioned above

Can you please assist in resolving these cases? WD is a good product, and it would be better if the support matches to the name.