Mapping network drive

Good evening

i have just purchased My Cloud Home device and i am trying to map a network drive on both my brothers and my machine

i have it plugged into the router and am able to access it through the app or desktop when i sign in but it is not showing in the list of devices on the network page

appreciate any help


You need to install the WD Discovery software on both machines and login. The unit will then automatically map itself as drive Z, assuming your on Windows and PC’s. Not sure about MAC’s

A friend managed to help and mapped using the ip

thank you

How did you do that? Did you map the IP address with the public folder or the personal folder?

Not 100% sure I believe a subfolder within public

But can you see that folder in the mobile app?


I did find this strange, is there a way to change that ?

im a 2 days user, so far as i know you can only access files from wd discovery that will automatically map the Z drive but you will get slow transfer speeds

No It’s impossible.
Mapping the MCH using the IP is only for local usage and will not be available on the Mobile app or anywhere online.

As gibbylinks stated, you need to install the WD Discovery app on both machines.
If you are using the same account on both machines, that would not be a problem.
But if you are using 2 different accounts, you will have to create a shared folder (using the owner account) from and then share it with your second account.

This product is garbage. It can’t even do the basics.