Map WD My Cloud Home in windows?

Is it possible to map the WD My Cloud Home on windows? I’ve seached the support page on and found the instructions for how to do this, but the My Cloud Home is not listed in the applied products. Does anyone know if this is possible for the My Cloud Home? This is a deal breaker for me as I’m planning to backup the My Cloud to an other cloud.

You must install WD Discovery.
Then Z: unit will be added to your system.

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Does this make me independant of the WD software when using the My Cloud Home? I mean, after installing WD Discovery, I can use the My Cloud Home just as a regular network drive from Windows Explorer?

No. Both methods of access will run at the same time.

See I seem to have "two partitions" and one does not see the other

That is correct. WD discovery maps the private user space. The mapped share you have is the default public samba share.

the default public share is there for time machine and windows file history backups but can be used for other devises that need a traditional samba share.

The private user space can only be mapped using the WD discovery app.

Data in the private user space is not accessible via the public share and vise versa. Additionally the mobile and browser access cannot see anything in the public share.

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you do not need WD Discovery if you use the Public Share.
you can easily share the My cloud home on your network.
all you need to do is to find the IP address of the My Cloud home and map it as a network drive