I seem to have "two partitions" and one does not see the other


I installed the WD software and it gave me an X:\ drive called “John’s My Cloud Home”. This drive is attached to my PC.

My Sonos system needs to see a networked attached drive, which it can access even when the PC is off. The WD manual did not mention mapping the drive but I successfully used Windows 7 to map the drive, giving me a Y:\ disk called Public(\\MYCLOUD-AK9Z3( (X:) ; and a network disk MYCLOUD-AK9Z3X.

The Y:\ disk has, say, 20 files in it. The network disk MYCLOUD-AK9Z3X has a top level folder called Public and the 20 files are in it. Hence the Y:\ disk and the network disk MYCLOUD-AK9Z3X are the same thing (but they are different from X:).

These “two drives” seem to be completely independent - a file stored on X:\ cannot be seen from Y:\ or network disk, and vice versa.

Several questions:

Q1. Will this cause me problems in future?

Q2. There seems to be no way to see how big these “two partitions” are or to control their size. What happens when the disk gets full by, say, putting a lot of data in X:. Does Y:\ become full at the same time?

Q3. Should I be using X:? or Y:? Or can I use both?

Q4. Are there advantages / disadvantages of using one or the other?

Any replies will be gratefully received as I am a little confused at the moment!

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