My Cloud Network Drive


Hi I have a MyCloud Home. I want to be able to map it to a Windows network location (For my Private Cloud) I have been able to do it for my public (but that isn’t totally what I want.

Could someone please explain to me how to map it if so that would be great.


The My Cloud Home is not a traditional NAS. The private user space cannot be mapped like traditional NAS shares as it is not a samba share. To map the private user space install WD Discovery and it will map the private user space to the Z Drive of your windows computer.


Thanks for your help. I’ve read about this now on the WD site

Private User Space

Content added to the Private User Space is only accessible using, the My Cloud Home mobile app for Android or iOS and the WD Discovery Login Desktop App.
_Private User space cannot be accessed by:

Windows Networking
macOS Finder