Mapping Network Drive - Asking for a PIN?

I’ve been struggling with trying to map my WD MyCloud 4TB to my file browser for far too long now… i’ve followed all of the help pages, guides, tutorials, etc… but when i get to the final step to enter my credentials to log in and map the drive, it never asks me for a password. It keeps asking me for a PIN instead, which doesn’t exist. A PIN was never made for the server, and it’s not a Windows log in PIN because I’ve never made one of those either. Anyone else have this issue or know of a solution?


I talked with a WD Tech Support person for about a half hour on the phone about this and they were completely useless. The conversation ended with them telling me to “contact my network admin for the PIN…” and we don’t have a network admin. There is no IT person here at my company.


Well, I can see enough under your scribbles to see “.com” something.

That isn’t a valid name for any sort of local share.

Exactly what are you doing to get this to come up?

You should be seeing something like this, instead:


If that’s not what you see, that’s not a WD issue yet – that’s your own PC trying to do authentication to something like

Did you set your Windows 10 user account to authenticate against a Microsoft ID? (That’d use a PIN.)

I scribbled out the server’s IP address and my email. The screenshot you posted is exactly what i had, and when i hit ‘Browse…’ to locate the drive, this is the screen that pops up instead of the normal username and password log in. I am never asked for a password at any point, but rather this PIN.

note: i’m manually typing in the server’s IP because typing in the name doesn’t work.

Do you have a My Cloud or My Cloud Home device? They are not the same. The My Cloud Home device apparently may have some sort of “pin” that users use. One can find the dedicated subforum for the My Cloud Home at this link:

What or where within that OS are you trying to map the My Cloud? The screen capture you posted is not a normal screen one should see when mapping a My Cloud Share on Windows. If you haven’t already reviewed the WD Knowledgebase article on how to map a My Cloud under Windows, here it is.

Note: you can only map a single bay/single drive My Cloud that is on the same local network as the Windows computer.

Capture1 This is the specific device we have, the My Cloud.

Below are the exact steps I am taking to get to this point:

Is that obscured username your Windows username? I hear that Win10 likes to get you to use a Microsoft account name, rather than a simple user name that you make up.

If so, then it appears for be, as it says, a Windows Security thing.

it’s the email that I use to log in to the site.

Is your computer using a username/password to connect to your local office/work network? In other words some sort of Windows network domain (like Windows Server, etc.)? If so that might explain the screen you are seeing that is asking for a “pin”.

Try ticking the ‘Connect using different credentials’ box. You should always do this when mapping shares, Public or private, so you can force Windows to connect with your MyCloud user credentials.

The web portal is seperate from the local network access to a My Cloud device and uses a different user name and password to access the My Cloud then one uses when connecting locally to a My Cloud.

Access the My Cloud Dashboard> Users to see what your user name is and password for local access if you don’t know it offhand.

Note: Currently there is no way to remote “map” a single bay My Cloud unit that is located on a remote network like one can do when mapping a My Cloud on the local network.

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Thank you, I will try this. I’m pretty sure my username is just my name without the

Holy Hell i feel very stupid. That was the issue was that i was including the extension… FINALLY got it figured out. Thank you so much, Bennor.