Cannot login to WD MyCloud 2T drive

I have a My Cloud 2nd gen drive that I have finally removed all information from. I had to do a full factory restore. My problem now is that sometimes I can access it, but most of the time it keeps asking for credentials and passwords. I have entered a lot of passwords, but it keeps saying that they are incorrect. Although the device is older (maybe 8 years old or more) I would like to transfer some files from my internal drives to it to free up space. I think that the My Cloud is working fine, but I strongly believe that my Windows OS is somehow screwed up. And, rather than taking the time to troubleshoot what issue is causing havoc with the device, I think I would be better off by reinstalling Windows 11. Any suggestions or comments?

Try a 4 second pin reset if you haven’t done so already. It will reset the administrator password back to default (blank). If that doesn’t work try a 40 second pin reset. More information at the following WD Support Knowledge Base articles.

My Cloud OS 3 Pin Reset and System Only Restore a Single Bay My Cloud Device

How to Pin Reset and System Only Restore My Cloud OS 5 Devices

What is the reason for you not wanting to update to OS5?

Are you having problems accessing via the dashboard? (If so. . .the 4 / 40 seconds should solve it)

Are you having problems accessing via Windows explorer to see files? (If so. . .I would delete all entries related to the device in the Windows Credential Manager)

^ This, if its asking about credentials. You may have to add a credential manually afterwards (but you may not).

Control Panel>User Acounts>Credentials Manager