Mapped Network Drives & Local/Relay Connection Types

I am just about done with WD cloud products. Off and on, I have been trying to resolve this for months.

I have a My Cloud Home Duo. It has the latest firmware installed (9.5.1-104). It has the local network access turned on and has a local user name configured. It has many, many folders and files as you can see when I access it from (the right side of the image).

Using the local user name, I can successfully map a network drive on my Windows 11 laptop, however, the only folders I see are Public and TimeMachineBackup, as you can see (the left side of the image). Even more interesting…from, I do NOT see those two folders, Public and TimeMachineBackup.

Why can’t I see all my content/folders in the Windows mapped network drive?

I must be missing something, but I have no clue as to what.

And it gets even more stupid. I thought I’d try one more time of rebooting both the device and my laptop. Afterwards, I logged back into and the Connection Type of my device has reverted from Local back to Relay without my changing a dang thing.

It may be a lot easier for new My Cloud Home (MCH) or MCHDuo owners to read the KBA (Knowledge Base, link on top left menu of every WD community page, above) or chat with support to get fast answers.

It has been like that since about day 1, more than 6 years ago when the MCH was introduced. There is no reason for local backup folders, and that is what they are - for backup only, to be seen online. It is by design. This is in the the owners manual.

Again, this was by design in the beginning when the MCH was designed to be a secure personal cloud storage that has private folders not easily accessible by everyone on the local network, done for security purposes. The exception are the public folders which can contain backup data which is often encrypted by the backup app.

You are missing out on all the updated information that is on the front page of the MCH community support page and short videos to introduce local access options.

This is because your router is dropping the UPnP ports when you reboot or log off connection to the MCH from the webapp (browser). Some routers are just not stable maintaining a UPnP connection and some routers just have their UPnP disabled, this is in the owner’s manual.