Making a proper back-up

Hey guys,

I have a wd my cloud 3TB that i want to back-up.
I also have wd external hdd with 3TB space on it.
The backup is approx 400gig
I have conected my externa wd hdd in the usb slot of the my cloud server.
When i want to start the update in the safepoint, nothing happens.

I’ve done a backup in the past, but i did it over the windows explorer en opened my external network drive.
I did it that way becouse i was never able to do a proper backup in the dashboard.
It is like everything freezes and there is not really a data transfer in action…

Could you please help me, i really need to make a backup.
thanks for your support!

friendly regards, christophe

Do you really need to use Safepoint and the USB port on the MyCloud?

Could you not do a backup via your PC?

I don’t trust ‘Safepoint’ given all the problems reported here, so I just use FreeFileSync and backup to a USB HDD attached to my PC. It does mean I need the PC on, and I need to run the backup manually, but I created a FFS batch job that does it and then shuts the PC down; I use it as my shutdown routine.


Hey cpt_paranoia,

Thanks for your quick reply!
No i don’t need to use the safepoint and the usb port, but the thing is that all my data is on the cloud server and nothing on the computer.
the reason is that this amount of data slows down my computer like hell, so i put everything on the cloud.
Maybe i can plug the external hdd on my computer and do a backup on it over the network with you program “freefilesync”?


My PC runs XP and has an 80GB HDD… So all my 2TB of media is stored on MyCloud. I just use the PC as a backup engine from MyCloud to USB HDD. The first backup took a couple of days, but now delta backups take a few minutes.

My god windows XP! Old but one of the most stable microsoft OS’s.
The update you do recognizes what files has been added or changed?

The update you do recognizes what files has been added or changed?

Yes; most good backup utilities only update things that have changed, rather than blindly copying everything again. Even xcopy does a delta copy.

Most operate on file date, but can be configured to check other parameters; file date, file length, or even a hash value for the file, but that takes a lot of processing.

ps. XP, still second only to Windows 7 in installed desktop market share…


I’m using the Safepoint backup on my MC 2TB unit and it seems to work just fine. I’ve tested the restore and that works well too. What am I missing? (regarding problems reported?)


Search the forum for USB or safepoint.

If you’re happy Safepoint is working for you, that’s fine.

i tryed the program and what an amazing tool to use.
Did my backup in no time!
Great tip thanks cpt_paranoia