Make the USB Port Bidirectional


I’ve got a My Cloud Home 1 bay device, and when I connect a USB disk device, I just can copy files in one direction: USB disk device ==>t; My Cloud Home

So this way is easy import data trought the USB port to the My Cloud Home device,
the problem is that I can’t export data trought the USB port from the My Cloud Home device to a USB disk.

I’d like to have the possibility to copy in both directions USB disk device <==>; My Cloud Home


Hi AdolfoSerrano,

Unforyunately, NAS to USB backups are not supported in My Cloud Home device. You can import, copy or backup USB Content to a My Cloud Home but My Cloud Home to USB backup is not supported. You can refer below KBA for further details:

I hope that function will be incorporated soon,
because I sincerely see that it is the Achilles heel of the product that places it behind their competitors.