Backup to USB pleeeeeeeease

Please please please put the Nas to USB backup function into the my cloud home software release. I was so disappointed to find it missing having just purchased a new one. Seems madness to exclude it from an otherwise faultless product.


Hi Mallen1972,

Thank you for your feedback.

Yes yes and yes again … Backup to usb needed


Vital feature indeed!

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Any idea if this will be included anytime soon?

I cant believe that a ‘my cloud’ branded device isn’t compatible with ‘my cloud’ devices. ( calling it a home cloud or something else might make existing my cloud users realise the system is different)
further to that not to be able to back the device up makes it even worse. this type of product is brought mainly for the backing up and safe guarding of documents. poor very poor.

Yes please!!!

+1 For This. It’s crazy encouraging people to put Photos from phones and synchronizing cloud apps on one device, but no mechanism for backing up the device !!

Yes, please.

Yes please! We need this feature, I want to be able to backup the My Cloud Home!

Definitely need this feature.

Is there a way to backup Android devices to WD My Cloud through USB using Android’s backup apps like Titanium Backup or TWRP Recovery?