Bidirectional USB Port

I’ve got a My Cloud Home 1 bay device, and when I connect a USB disk device, I just can copy files in one direction: USB disk device ==> My Cloud Home

So this way is easy import data trought the USB port to the My Cloud Home device,
the problem is that I can’t export data trought the USB port from the My Cloud Home device to a USB disk.

I’d like to have the possibility to copy in both directions USB disk device <==> My Cloud Home

Is there any software to do that?

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currently the my cloud home only support import from USB. you can post in the my cloud home ideas board and request the feature.

as a work around for now, you can install wd discovery on a computer and sign into your my cloud home account. it will mount the my cloud home as a drive on the computer. once that is done you can connect the usb drive to that same computer and drag and drop the files from the my cloud home to the usb drive.