Backup the data from the WD my cloud home to another device using the USB port

On the my cloud home device there is a usb port available.
But that usb port is only for import data to the my cloud home device.

It is really strange that export by using the USB port is not available!
Users always want to make a backup of the data on the my cloud home device to another external device.
Now all the data is put on the my cloud home device and there is no other way to make a copy of the data using WIFI!

Make the export functionaity for the USB port available, so people can backup their data!
Now the My cloud home device is not a good product


Yes please.

+1 on this feature!!

yes please.

+1 for this please

Really a vital feature. Suprised that it hasn’t been added from the beginning!


basic function which most would expect straight from the box.

Yes please this in an extremely important feature which helps the ability to secure the data. This was not clear prior to purchase.

I’m afraid WD dev team are not reading this forum and I’m not sure what they are doing during working hours.

I’m very disappointed in this device and unfortunately I can not send it back for refund.

My Home cloud is missing tons of basic options and this one of these.

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I agree! I do not think a solution will come.
I am sorry.

+1 on this feature!!


Badly missing functionality. I’m trying to use My Cloud Home as a NAS, because that’s what it’s marketed as. I use it a single file store for all my computers and devices so that they can all share the same files, but there does not appear to be a way to back up My Cloud Home other than copying the data back to one of the PCs to copy it to a removable device that can be put somewhere safe. That is so clunky. You ought to be able to back up My Cloud Home directly through its USB port. That’s what I bought it for. I’ve been ripped off. Whoever heard of a one-way USB port FFS.

My son bought me the My Cloud Home for Christmas. He told me the USB port was to do the backup the first time and not wirelessly as it would take forever. I plugged my laptop in overnight to do the initial back up. This is a wireless based system. It does the interaction to back up via Time Machine so you can recover at a certain point. It runs in the background and I’m not sure how it works technically. I don’t think it was ever intended to be a USB backup system. This is probably why you can’t get data back via the USB port. (I just asked my son this as I was using it via USB to back up as AT&T is an ass and limits the number of things you can have on their modem. The limit is 2 and my husband has sucked up both of them. I have to change devices on the modem to catch up and make a new entry in the time machine. I can’t tell you how mad this makes me. Anyway, this is a wireless backup device. Sorry about that. I am personally going to buy an external hard drive to back up with. I don’t need 2T for my data anyway. When our contract term is up we will no longer be using AT&T for our internet. Until then I’m going to have to use the external hard drive. I suggest you guys just do the same and bite the bullet. You’ll always have it when you can go wireless.

This is for Mycloud, not My Cloud Home.

WD is it so hard to add this feature? As you can see everybody is waiting for this feature… Everybody.

Ah my bad for not noticing that, deleted my original post as to not mis-inform ppl. Seems strange how these (I’m assuming) newer models don’t have these basic functions that the mycloud has.

I made a big mistake of my life when I bought this garbage drive.

why is this option not available at the first place…
Really dissapointing…

+1 please add this option WD

I have all of my music files on My Cloud Home. I need to find a way to back up the drive ASAP preferably to a cloud storage service. I just assumed that would be possible when I purchased this device. I lost a previous drive and backup drive during a lightening storm a couple of years ago. I can’t let that happen again.