MacOS Catalina support 10.15

When can we expect support for this operating system. It seems the new OS has broken desktop functionality. You can only access the files via the web now.


macOS Catalina 10.15 is still in beta. It’s my experienced that Beta OS will change quite a bit and most software vendors do not support beta versions for that very reason.

Would you be kind enough to check whether Catalina does support TimeMachine with My Cloud Home (i.e. over AFP)?



Bump as I am waiting for Catalina support as well.

How long they need to make a WD Discovery update for Catalina…?
the 10.15 is now in Beta 4 status…and runs very good…

i think they wait the final release like last year.

I’m also waiting.
It’s embarrassing this is not yet fixed.

WD really â– â– â– â– â– .

Truth to be said, if My Cloud Home used standard interfaces (SMB shares), I guess it would be less of an issue to run beta versions of the OS.

Could anyone of you confirm whether TimeMachine on My Cloud Home is still supported with Catalina?

It’s rather ridiculous that we’re hours away from Mac OS Catalina launching and this is still broken. Come on WD!


today Apple release GM of Catalina. The public release it’s planned for the next week or in any case before September ends


Just don’t update until it’s sorted - it’s as simple as that!!
That’s what majority of professional users have to do when they use their macs for Work eg cad software etc…me incl…stop making an issue where there currently isn’t one…it’s still in beta…

We all know, that Catalina is still in beta and will not be released this month. Maybe the solution can be (and will also help *unix customers) to make the volumes accessible via SMB or NFS locally. Not the funny Cloud-like software. If the volumes of My Cloud Home can be locally accessible via standard protocol - it will end the threads about “when will the support be available…”. Make this little shitty box great again.

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