MONEY back

One entire week without accessing files on the latest macOS Catalina because WD Discovery is not yet supported.

  • Using the browser UI it’a not an option for my data volumes.
  • Using another OS it’s not an option for my available hardware.
  • MacOS Catalina beta version is out since months.

I officially start this thread to ask for reimbursement, because we are having many troubles, also from business side.


I would like my money back too


Over a month later and still no fix. This is highway robbery.


No. WD owes you nothing, because WD is not at fault here. And the reason why is right there in your list of grievances;

You’re running a beta-version OS, that means it’s still a testing version and does not have the full functionality that would be expected of release-version. Third-party support and compatibility doesn’t even to be there until the release, although that can vary. But the basic rule of thumb for any beta-version is that you may not be able to run all the apps you’re used to running, and those that do run are not guaranteed to work in all the ways that you’re used to them working.

And as a participant in the beta program, which you joined by running the OS, you had to have seen several warnings about this during setup because it has become standard practice and is required by law for manufacturers to notify consumers when they choose to use an unfinished product. Read your terms on conditions, it’ll be right there, along with your signed acknowledgment.

It doesn’t matter how long it’s been out for, if it’s beta then it’s not finished. You can either wait for the full release or update to it if it’s already available. But regardless, this error is on you. You’re demanding money from a company because it’s app won’t run on an OS that isn’t complete and whose manufacturer has already informed you of it’s limited functionality. And you choose to air these grievances in a community help forum as a way to “officially” start a thread for reimbursement, that’s like instead of directly contacting them through channels where they have staff whose job is to respond you choose to post publicly on a site they don’t always check and on a platform through which they would not be able to use to discuss this with you (unless you want to post your credit card info here so they can track down your purchase)

You played yourself.

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Hahahahhaha very professional from WD side.

Let me strongly disagree. This is the release history of MacOS Catalina. As you can see, the beta version started on 3 June 2019 and ended with the first official release on 3/7 October 2019.

So WD was plenty of time to solve issues, from which my money back request. Please treat is seriously, because on 7 October 2019 Apple released officially MacOS Catalina, not a beta version of it.

10.15 Beta 1 19A471T 3 June 2019 19.0.0
10.15 Beta 2 19A487I 17 June 2019 19.0.0
10.15 Beta 3 19A501I 2 July 2019 19.0.0
10.15 Beta 4 19A512F 16 July 2019 19.0.0
10.15 Beta 5 19A526h 31 July 2019 19.0.0
10.15 Beta 6 19A536g 19 August 2019 19.0.0
10.15 Beta 7 19A546d 28 August 2019 19.0.0
10.15 Beta 8 19A558d 10 September 2019 19.0.0
10.15 Beta 9 19A573a 23 September 2019 19.0.0
10.15 Beta 10 19A578c 30 September 2019 19.0.0
10.15 Golden Master 19A582a 3 October 2019 19.0.0
10.15 19A583 7 October 2019 19.0.0
10.15.1 19B88 29 October 2019 19.0.0
10.15.2 19C57 10 December 2019 19.2.0
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  1. If you are still running the beta, then it doesn’t matter how much time has passed or if the release had already come out. If you are still running the beta then your OS can still be unsupported. You can run any version of any OS from any stage of its development, provided that you can get ahold of the installation materials.

The length of time that’s passed since a release can mean anything, including on which date the company ceased all work on a particular version.

  1. I am treating this seriously, because you are demonstrating a seriously absurd gap in your logic when you ask me to take you seriously while leaving an obvious misspelling in your request. And English isn’t even my first language. You lose.

The problems here are:

  1. I never installed the beta version of Catalina
  2. I installed the first stable release (not beta) in October 2019
  3. WD did not solved issues of WD Discovery app on Catalina during the Catalina beta period (almost 6 months of beta period for tests)
  4. My Catalina version is up to date, I install updated on the fly

So it is WD fault or Apple fault? Apple released the beta version of Catalina 6 months before the official launch to let every app developer to check compatibility. WD arrived at the first stable version (not beta) of Catalina in October 2019… and we discovered that WD Discovery app was not yet made compatible with Catalina.

By the way, I have a lot of apps on my Mac, and WD Discovery was the only one not working after Catalina official launch in October 2019…

Ps: English is not my first language to…

Total scam i swear

I need my $400 back fml wd cloud home is ■■■■ asf

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I have a MyCloud Home Duo and i need to share the files and need to edit the files like Excel word etc…
i dont want to download and edit the files. i need to edit directly from explorer how to do that. Please let me know any one knows. Its really Very urgent.

And even i am not able to Map the drive in windows 10 pro i contacted WD support they are not even replying to incidents i have raised.

This BS device doesn’t have admin portal and not able to share and give access to other users please help if anybody has any idea and help me

Thanks in advance