Macbook Pro can't connect to Mybook Live

Hi guys,

So I have run into a small problem when it comes to my macbook pro not communicating well with my Mybook Live. It has worked perfectly for several months since I purchased it but lately it’s taken longer and longer to access the drive through my mac. Now, I can’t get access to it at all.

It works perfectly fine from my PC and from both WD apps on ipad and iphone. But the mac can’t find it at all anymore. I’m trying to run the Setup again, but that can’t see the Mybook anywhere in my network, even though it is there and completely accessable from all my other devices.

What could be the problem?

EDIT: I now seem to be able to at least access the web UI of the drive from my Macbook. But I still can’t find it with Finder and therefore not move any files to it.

Hi, try resetting the router, as a troubleshooting step you can also try connecting the My Book directly to the Mac to see if the same problem persist. 

How do you connect mybook live to ur computer directly? There isn’t any USB interface…