No connectivity – can´t find drive MBL


I bought my MBL few weeks ago and it has been working great, then I had to change my router yesterday and since everything gone wrong.  My Macbook sometimes can´t find MBL drive and when it does then the connection fails.  I´m even having difficulties login into http://mybooklive also when I try to use the app on my phone I get connection error…

Any advice ??


If you try connecting the my book directly to the Mac, do you get the same issues?

Yes I’ve tried that and the problem still exist, I´m taking the router back to Vodafone today for a new one and see if that makes any different.  Maybe it has something to do with the IP addresses??

My Mac can sometime see mybooklive public drive and sometimes not, then a message appear saying connection failed or that the drive can´t be found. 

I´ve tried to reboot, reset and did a factory restore without result.

I can however access my dashboard and it shows that the internet access is good, network mode DHCP.  But when I try to sign in at is show offline.

Changed router and still the same problem.  Should I try to change the IP from DCHP to Static?

Anyone ?