My book live and MAC

hello, going mad and would love some help as a non techie. 

i bought a new MAC desktop and a new my book live - i have two issues

    • when i turn the MAC on it can’t connect to the my book live - i can see it in the 'Finder" but can’t connect
    • when the MAC does occassionally find the my book i have put all my MP3s on it and i direct itunes to use that as a location, however after several very long calls iwth itunes people it keeps losing the connection.

i’m assuming the two issues are linked. I would add my windows 7 laptop can see the my book when the MAC can’t. I have MAC OSX. 

any help would be greatly received…

Probably cause you have not specified a user.

Go to Finder/Go/Connect to Server…/ and try it by name or IP. If it finds it, it will ask you for username/passwd.