MyBook files invisible with new Mac


I’m having no luck trying to use the My Book Live with my new MacBook Air. I’ve been using it with a Windows 8 laptop, but I hate that computer and have upgraded (I hope) to the MacBook. 

I have run the My Book Live set up for Mac download from the WD website, the drive appears under Shared in Finder, and I have folders (Music, Photos, Public, Smartware, TimemachineBackup), but no files appear in them. 

What I want to do, primarily, is to house my photos and music in a way that’s easily accessible when I’m at home. Crucially I need to be able to manage iTunes with the music files and the iTunes library on the My Book - there’s a Sonos system using these files.

I haven’t used the My Cloud facility up to now and want to at some point, but it’s a secondary problem. 

The MacBook is running OS X Yosemite 10.10.1. My network is a BTHub in the UK, and works well enough with the PC and the My Book. 

Any suggestions very welcome!


Hi WoundedKnee, welcome to the Community. Are you able to save files from the Mac to the My Book Live? 

Hi and thanks for replying.

I’ve made a bit of progress - a friend has shown me how to find the IP address of the My Book and connect to it. I can save files and see my folders and files now. 

What is still weird is that iTunes now shows me two choices - either under ‘this computer’ it shows me all my playlists, but no songs, or under MyBook it shows me the songs, but an odd set of playlists - each one repeated twice - but with none of the smart playlists, and none of the ratings I’ve given my songs. 

This is a big deal for me as I use my smart playlists a lot, and have given ratings (that the playlists work with) to around 12,000 pieces of music…

The iTunes library folder is on the MyBook, so I think it’s being read the wrong way, or not being read properly, in these two veiws. I probably have to take this question to an iTunes forum now, but if anyone has any ideas, I’d be grateful!


Going backwards with the MyBook and the MacBook - this morning I can only see folder names but no files. When I try to re-trace the steps I took on Sunday (cmd K in Finder, and enter the IP address, if I remember it right), I get the message that the My Book is shutting down. But it’s happily playing music via my Sonos, and not shutting down at all. 

Do MyBook drives work with Macs? This is much more difficult and erratic than with my PC … but I really don’t know my way around my Mac yet.

Any thoughts? 

…files have turned up in Finder - seems like they take about 10 minutes to populate, which is weird. 

Still no luck with iTunes though. 

Hi again, check the following link for some recommendations on how to correctly move your iTunes library.

Thanks jubei.

That’s the process I’ve followed in iTunes, and it find my libary file with the playlists, but somehow doesn’t see the songs that are in the same folder.

At least the My Book is interacting with the Mac fairly reliably now…