Apologies in advance! My book live, Mac, itunes issue

as the title states - apologies in advance…

i have spent the last two days attempting to set up the above so that i can play all my itunes content on my denon ceol network hifi via my book live. with no success whatsoever!

i have searched this forum as well as apple forums - and have gotten into such a muddle. if there is a blow by blow account of how to set up again from scratch on this forum then please can someone point me in the right direction?

time machine has backed up and the my book live is showing 124gb of content. my itunes is showing the my book live in the shared library file - but shows no songs/content whatsoever.

i have played around with twonky server settings - but have done so many different things i dont know if i am coming or going!

appreciate that it is somewhat annoying when a newbie comes on a message/support board and starts - but any help to get me up and running that may be forthcoming would be massively appreciated!

thanks dave 

You need to copy your iTunes library into the my book public folder, then the iTunes server in the my book should make the song list available to any device on the network that can access a media server. Check if the link below helps.


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thank you - appreciate your help and will now go and sit on the naughty step and promise to read the instructions next time :slight_smile:  

new content loaded onto itunes doesnt appear to be making its way to the MBL…

is there a setting which facilitates this anyone? 

thx in advance