Connection Difficulty to MyBookLive from Mac

I’m hoping someone may have some ideas on this issue. I use both a Mac (primary) and PC. My PC, running Windows 7, connects to my MyBookLive 3TB external drive without a problem, although it does take awhile sometimes to initially see it in the network. After it does, though, I can move through directories without a problem.

My MacBook Pro (running Mavericks) is my primary system, though, and it seems I never know what to expect regarding accessing folders on the MyBookLive. I might access a particular folder without a problem one time, then the next time I can’t see it. And folder access is consistently slower than it is through the PC. It’s difficult to even describe the various issues I run into through the Mac as there doesn’t seem to be any consistency to it. I believe I’m running the latest driver.

Just now I tried to upload pictures to Dropbox from the drive, through the Mac, and I couldn’t see into the folders to be able to access the files, yet I could through the PC.

keep an eye on this one as well…