MAC Connection issues

I am unable to see wdmycloud drive from my MAC running 10.11.3

I can see the drive from my W7 PC
I can logon to the drive through my browser by entering the IP address… to see its status

But I cannot access files. Any ideas

I mean I can logon to the drive through a brower running on my MAC… but cannot access file. Feels like a file format issue

Are you using the Mac Finder to access the files on the My Cloud? Have you tried mapping a drive on your Mac? Have you read through the My Cloud User Manual which details how to use the My Cloud with a Macintosh?

Some Mac users connect to the My Cloud via: afp://[mycloud name].local

Thank you for answer Bennor. Yes I was using finder to access the drive.
However, all of a sudden I could see the files. Not sure what I did apart
from reinstalling the WD programs a couple of time. Thank again