Mac Backup to My Cloud EX2 Failing (Time Machine)

Hi all,

I’ve owned a My Cloud EX2 for several months now and have a recurring problem when using it to backup my Macbook. I get a repeated error stating:

Time Machine couldn’t complete the backup to “MyCloudEX2Ultra”.

The backup disk image “/Volumes/Michael-1/Michael’s MacBook Pro.sparsebundle” is already in use.

It does seem to work from time to time, but the last successful backup was 4 days ago and I get this error more often than not.

Can anyone advise why my computer is struggling to create a backup on the My Cloud device?

You need to reboot your WD My Cloud.

Access WD MyCloud through the Web Interface.

You can also try on Safari: Preferences → Advanced → Include Bonjour in the Favourites Bar. You should then be able to find Bonjour → WDMyCloud on your favourites bar.

On the WD My Cloud Web Interface you should then:
Settings → General → Mac Backups → toggle Time Machine off
Settings → Utilities → Device Maintenance → Reboot
wait for your device to reboot …
Settings → General → Mac Backups → toggle Time Machine on
Open Time Machine preferences, select the appropriate disk, and try to backup again. If the issue persists, contact support directly: