Lost access to WD My Cloud shared folders on Kodi

Hi All,
Up until yesterday, I was able to access various shared folders on my My Cloud through Kodi on my Android box.
Now, I can’t access them at all. I have tried adding the links through Kodi a number of times, in as many different ways as I can think of, and no joy.
I know there was a firmware update this morning, but I was having problems accessing them before that.
I’m really running out of ideas! So far, I’ve accidentally deleted 100+ movies from one share while trying to fix it, so would love some help to not delete any more!

I can access the folders through Windows Explorer on both of my laptops, and can access them through my Samsung TV, just not on my Android box.

Maybe something to do with Twonky server? I’ve never had to play around with that before.

Can you access the My Cloud Dashboard? If so, what firmware version listed?

If your unit was updated to the OS5 (v5.x) firmware you may need to check to see if Twonky is installed (if using Twonky) in the Apps section of the My Cloud Dashboard.

If the unit was updated to OS5 one may need to adjust (or experiment) with the SMB setting in the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings section if certain devices loose SMB access to the My Cloud after updating to OS5.

Thanks Bennor, yes it’s updated for 5.16.105.

I did install Twonky server from the apps, and I’ve been playing round with the settings on the MyCloud all day. I have no idea what I’m doing in Twonky though.

There is a specific subforum for OS5 (v5.x firmware) issues as this subforum is generally for OS3 (v3.x/v4.x and v2.x firmware) My Cloud issues.

OS5 My Cloud

Kodi generally has several methods of accessing content located on an NAS like the My Cloud. One is directly accessing the file system on the My Cloud using SMB or NFS (or similar). The other is accessing the DLNA (Twonky) media server on the My Cloud. One may need to check what services are enabled on their My Cloud (SMB, NFS, Twonky/DLNA, etc.).

Some relevent Kodi Wiki articles:

The following WD Knowledgebase Article may help with setting up Twonky on OS5 firmware.

My Cloud OS 5: Twonky Server Configuration and Settings

Great, thanks for that info. I did have a search, but not for anything specifically around OS5.

If you updated the OS5, check your OS5 and Kodi have SMB 1-3 selected.