Logitech mx5500 and Wd hub!

When i put in the bluetooth and then i turn on the hub.It freezes! And i have to put the power cable out and then plug it in again(without the bluetooth adapter to be pluged in) If i plug in the adapter when the hub is turned on it works ok.I wonder if it could be fixed with a firmware update.

Thanks a lot!

That wireless adapter is not on the compatibility list for the tv live hub. That could most likely be why you are having that issue. It wasnt tested with the hub  therefore it is not guaranteed to work.

Take a look at the compatibility list  for a list of compatible devices


Its not a wireless adapter actually - the Logitech mx5500 is a high end wireless keyboard/mouse: http://www.logitech.com/en-us/keyboards/keyboard-mice-combos/devices/3481