Live-hub hang (unable to control video) when powered on without the TV being ON


I have come across a peculiar problem. I have the wdtv-live-hub running fmware ver.2.3.024 and connected to a LCD TV using HDMI.

Now the issue is observed when i do the following:

  1. Do not power on the TV (or change to any other AV mode or watch some other cable channel till the live-hub boots up completely - as observed after the led stops blinking on the front of the hub) and power on the Live-HUB.

  2. Let it bootup completely (as mentioned above) and then switch the TV to the HDMI mode/channel to access the Hub

  3. Next go to videos and start playing any video (say, avi or mkv, etc). After sometime, and this is happening 7 times out of 10 attempts, i have observed that i cannot use any of the controls on the remote (such as trying to stop the video or fast forward or something and everything which can be done usually :-)…but now i cannot.

  4. I cannot even use the power down button on the front of the hub to shutdown, it does not respond. The whole video keeps on running correctly but i cannot stop it.

5 The only option left is to cut the power to the live-hub

  1. Next i make sure the TV is on and it is set to the HDMI mode as connected to the Live-HUB. I switch on the Hub and then after it has booted completely, i go to setup and then use the device reboot menu option to reboot again while the TV is still on and in the correct HDMI mode/channel (the thing you do similar to switching between TV/AV i guess)

7 Now when i run any video it plays as usual and now i can also control the settings and also stop/fast-forward it as i want to.

So is this issue a one off problem, or is it with 2.3. Can i be sure that this wont happen with 2.7

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Try it out, you can roll back to any firmware you want by following WD’s 5860 article on their site.

Hello Rajiv,

is the same with my Hub, after i cut the power the selectet video runs fine… i don’t now whats wrong.

I open a Ticket to WD Customers Support !

Teste on Firmware 2.04.13 and 2.07.17




I actually upgraded to 2.06 (i was running 2.03) and now i guess it seems to be working correctly, atleast till as of this writing. I guess i will keep on observing, for a repeat of my earlier issue, for some more time and then finnaly submit that upgrading to 2.06 solves the problem as suggested by PizzaMatrix in above post.




ok i will try it,.

Regards Gerd 

Bad news, its the same with Firmware 2.06, Hubs Reboot, or Freeze  - today i have an Message like Systemerror - Hub needs Reboots… (after select a Movie) after that Movies plays fine :frowning: i dont now whats wrong with that Firmware’s



It seems the issue is not related with the FW but the HUB hardware itself. I have the 2.03 firmware and i have never updated the FW of the device since the date of my purchase when i saw the number of issues , users are experiencing. I am living with the old 2.03 FW and it seems to be OK. Very rarely it hangs which has happened only a couple of times till now and i dont face issue like the ones which you are facing. So i will not name this a FW issue and it seems your unit requires a replacement.

IMO the old FWs are far better than the recently developed ones. I switch on the HUB and only then i switch on my LCD. It takes some time for the blinking to finish and during this time it is immaterial whatever you do with your TV , be it changing the source, watching cable TV or whatever we do.

But one thing i am sure, the WD people are not smart enough to develop a trouble free FW for ever. I lost my hope. So if the above issues continue even after switching to the old firmware, better get the unit replaced and try to use the old FW as far as possible.

FYI i have connected the unit with a HDMI cable only. The other input to my LCD is the analog cable input and not RCA. Are you using an RCA input for cable TV ?. Even in such case your device should be fine…