Wd TV Live Hub WiFi not able to connect to router

I have a latest Firmware installed and a Belkin F6D4050 v1 adapter. I was able to make connection same time ago but suddenly it dissapared…Now I am not able to connect with atomatic or manual settings of Wireless. Networks it find ok. Other Wireless connections are working ok. With wire it is working just great. Please let me know if there is something to do to solve the issue? I don´t want to use those wired connections…

Did you ever get help for this?

No, I get the connection only through the RJ45…:frowning: If you are able to help me, plese post links or similar to solve the matter?

Did you find the problem started when you updated the firmware?

You could try resetting the hub by pressing the bottom button using a paperclip / cocktail stick for a second or two with the hub fully booted up. Press and release, the hub should reboot.

I got the feeling that problems came on the same time with the firmware update…

I tried to reset but no help:-) It still says: Unable to obtain an IP adress.