WDTV live hub wireless connection?

Hi I have a wdtv live hub. I’m trying to connect using a wireless adapter. (netgear wnda3100). Under network setup it only displays Automatic and Manual. No wireless option? I’ve tried the arrows up/down left and right to find more options with no luck (device info 2.05.08) How do I enable the USB port to funtion with the adapter?


Allow to share a link with the intructions from the user manual


go to page 69.

No, that’s not the issue.


Note that with the WNDA3100 (which I assume is what WD meant to type) only those with NO REVISION are supported.

Note the different appearance of two different versions of that adapter, here:


If yours has that extra grey button, it’s a v2, and isn’t supported.

Thanks for your answer.

I did tried following the users manual. and as I said on my previous comment it’s not displaying the wireless option. any other ideas how to enable the wireless network under settings?

If the settings don’t show up because the adapter isn’t supported, then nothing can be done to make settings show up… the adapter just isn’t supported.

The only thing that can be done is switch to a supported adapter.

Read the post by Tony above yours. Its likely that its not showing because your adaptor is not supported.


I found this list of supported wireless connectors:

I guess it’s misleading…


v1 and v2 are supported according to the list.


The list from WD for the Live Hub (that Tony linked to), says that only versionless/revisionless models are tested to work.

The list you’re looking at was technically written for the Live/Live Plus, not the Live Hub.  But, be that as it may, the list is simply wrong (despite the fact that they claim to have taken the list straight from WD).  The Live/Live Plus page from WD doesn’t say V1 and/or V2 are supported… it says “No revision” just like the list for the Live Hub.

And if the settings don’t show up, then it isn’t supported.  That’s the true test, regardless of lists.

On that list it shows

Netgear WNDA3100 v1 v2 v1: Atheros AR9170+AR9104, v2: Broadcom BCM4323

I cannot see how the V2 is approved as nowhere on that page does it say that the Broadcom chip is compatible.

Tony is right your USB wireless adapter does not show on the list for the WD TV Live Hub, like rich said the only thing can be done is to get another USB wireless adapter, use the list as a reference to buy the adapter.-

To bad that such a state of the art device has that many limitations for the wireless adapters.

Thanks for all the support guys.


It’s IMPOSSIBLE to support the hundreds of different chipsets available simultaneously.  

And it’s not realistic to expect the user to install their own drivers.

They have to look at the most common available, and given the rate at which chipsets change, it’s a race set from the beginning to be lost.

That’s why WD is more commonly recommending using HomePlug AV devices instead of WiFi.

I think that it would be better all round if WD marketed a USB WiFi adaptor which you could buy from them and know it would work. The whole business of buying an adaptor has turned into a minefield.

Good Idea Rich, why dont you post it on the Ideas Lab?

ricardodegracia wrote:

Good Idea Rich, why dont you post it on the Ideas Lab?

Tony already tried this and WD shot it down.


Debug…The problem may not be on your wireless  adapter. You need to update your firmware to the latest 2.06.10.

After installing, you will get wired and wireless menu in n/w setup…Give a try.

You can get a wi-fi adapter for $15 on sale that’s on the compatibility list. Look at the sale under NCIX and see if one matches the list. I got one from Belkin and a different one and they both work just fine.

Just my .02c to cover alternatives to shopping for an wireless dongle…

My WDTV Live hub is located on the third floor with no wired access. I installed an old Linksys WRT54G configured with DD-WRT firmware, allowing it to connect to the my home router in “Client Bridge” Mode.

The dedicated Connection to my Router seems to be faster than the Dlink USB wireless n dongle I had been using, and since the “Wireless Bridge” has 6 ethernet ports, Also Makes connections to the network with other wired devices a breeze.


I have been using Monoprice USB Wireless LAN 802.11N Adapter - 2T2R (300Mbps) http://www.monoprice.com/products/product.asp?c_id=105&cp_id=10501&cs_id=1050109&p_id=8075&seq=1&format=2 without any issues. Speeds are good, it’s cheap and reliable.