Wireless USB Not being recognized

I purchased the WD Live TV along with a Netgear WIreless G USB Adapter (model wg111).  I am able to setup the wireless drive on my laptop and log into my home network.  When I plug the usb drive into the WD receiver, It is not being recognized and does not give me any options to connect to my wireless network.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks

Unfortunately your USB adaptor is not on the approved list. The WDTV Live only supports certain adaptors, possibly 

based on their chipsets. 

Approved list here.


the wdtv live has ralink drivers built in and that accounts for the usb adpaters on the approved list.

it may also have atheros drivers built in since i did get one of those to work ok even though the usb adfpater was not on the approved list.

unfortunately non of the wg111 versions use the approverd chipsets.

Isn’t there any custom firmware that adds support for less common usb chipsets?

There might be, but you’re on your own, there…