Generic USB Wirless Adapter off eBay

Preface:  I already know there is an official list of supported wireless adapters for the WDTV Live systems.

I have a WDTV Live (not plus).  I recently purchased a USB wirless adapter off ebay.  From the probing I did, I found that it is a Ralink with a RT5370 chipset.  When I plug this into my WDTV, I get no USB indicator, as well as no option for wireless networking.

Knowing that *many* routers and wifi adapters use Ralink chipsets (perhaps even some of the officiallly supported adapters for WDTV), could the issue I have be that my particular USB adapter doesn’t have the necessary drivers to work?  I know to use this on my computer I had to download the drivers from Ralink’s site.

On a side note, I also reset my WDTV to the factory setttings, so not sure if that resets any necessary firmware I might need to connect wirelessly.

Any thoughts / suggestions appreciated.  Thanks.

The reason that there is a list of approved adapters is because WD has to include the drivers for all of the adapters that it supports in the firmware. It is not like a PC where all you have to do is download and install a driver. The WD box only supports the adapters that are on the official list that you referred to in your post. If you have an adapter that is not on the list, then the driver for it is not included in the WD firmware and there is very little chance that it will work.

If you want to use the WD box wirelessly, get an adapter that is on the approved list.

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Its the chipset thats important. WD only support a limited range. Some adaptors work that are not on the official list and that is because that adaptor has the same chipset as the approved type.

Somebody made a wiki on the chipset. I have no idea if its correct but I have included a link below.

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Thanks for the responses on this question.  All makes sense – I guess my best bet is to stick with the officially supported adapters.  I was just hoping to be able to utizlie a USB adapter I already had.