Login service is unavailable

Hi guys, been getting this issue on 1/10 computers. I am able to access the WD through mycloud.com
however when i connect using WD Discovery i get the error message “The login service is unavailable”

I’ve tried the following:
Uninstalling and reinstalling the software
Getting rid of all traces (Deleting all temp files etc…)
Changing the account password
Disabling all antivirus
Rebooting the machine,WD

Works on every other computer fine just not this one.
Please help.


You could refer to the following links:



I had the same problem. There was clearly an issue at WD’s end over that period. It is fixed now here. I discuss it in-
Re-installing / updating wd discovery

Taking the steps I recommend, in the order stated also helps PROVIDING WD are not having [undisclosed] problems themselves.

One MUST follow the steps, and re-boot immediately after the un-installation.