Logiciel WD My cloud v1.0.7.17 innacessible

bonjour a tous,
Depuis quelque temps je ne parviens plus a me connecté au logiciel WD My Cloud sur mon W10
Tous les autre accès fonctionne normalement.
Mon WD est connecté a ma box en direct.
Mon Pc est connecte en filaire.
Le ping de ip fonctionne bien et accès via la page web aussi.
tous mes réseau sur explorateur Windows fonctionne aussi…

Avez vous une idée?

It appears you are using the My Cloud Desktop application. That application has been End of Life since 2016. A recent firmware update to the single bay/single drive My Cloud causes that program to stop functioning properly (no access/no login). WD wants people to use either the MyCloud.com web portal or the My Cloud apps for iOS or Android when it comes to remote access.

For local network access one uses Mac Finder or Windows File Explorer (or a file manager app for iOS or Android).

The WD Support Knowledgebase article on the My Cloud Desktop program no longer functioning properly.

My Cloud Desktop App No Longer Works with a My Cloud or Login Not Authorized

And before people ask, no we end users/customers don’t know why WD decided to stop supporting that program. One can experiment with downgrading their firmware on the single bay/single drive My Cloud but that leaves one open to reopening previously patched security vulnerabilities and there is no guarantee that rolling back the firmware will re-enable the functionality of the WD My Cloud Desktop program.