My Cloud is no longer accessible from a remote location.

I was very happy with my “My Cloud” since 2014.
He was always available, both locally and remotely at
About a week ago, I updated the firmware to v04.05.00-342, via the WDMyCloud Dashboard.
Everything still works fine, only through my Windows Explorer.
But no longer remote via the internet via or
When I fill in the email address and password, I always get : “failed to connect to the divice”.
Which solution can work, when I want to use the MyCloud remotely ?
Thanks, Lodedj.

@lodedj You may want to try it now. I was unable to connect yesterday but I just tried again and was connected.

OK, I can go back again to my MyCloud via remote internet.
At first it didn’t work yet, because in this remote it did via
Apparently the “My Cloud” desktop app ”no longer works with a My Cloud:“ Login Not Authorized “
That’s a pity.

Now I can do it remotely via your .
But apparently there seems to be a limitation in viewing all the files (??) .
And also the ranking (date …) of the files cannot be reversed (??) .
I find the layout a bit basic, but maybe I’ll still have to learn to use it.

Along Windows Explorer directly with network on the laptop there is no limitation.
Thanks for your quick response.

The My Cloud Desktop app has been End of Life since 2016. Recent firmware updates to the single bay/single drive My Cloud devices have rendered that software unusable. WD Support has the following Knowledgebase article on it.

My Cloud Desktop App No Longer Works with a My Cloud or Login Not Authorized

For remote access, WD wants people to use either the web portal or the My Cloud mobile apps for Android/iOS. One could also use the very insecure FTP option. One enables FTP via the My Cloud Dashboard then enables port forwarding within their network router for the FTP port.

The better method is to bypass WD entirely and setup your own VPN server on the same local network as the My Cloud. Then use a VPN client to access the My Cloud from a remote location. If the VPN is properly setup then your remote computer/device will have the same access as if it was connected locally to the My Cloud. OpenVPN is one such free VPN server. Some consumer routers (Asus for example) offer VPN server options within their administration setup.

I was too fast. A few times I managed to log in again. But a moment later this was again impossible. It no longer works correct via WD2go, no longer sure via, no longer with …, etc …

Then I am better that I look further for VPN capabilities.
Also for Acer (my laptop) there appear to be free VPN server options. I ‘ll examine that further more.

Thanks for the info. This topic can be closed.

I have been using an Asus router with an OpenVPN Server and a mycloud EX2 ultra for years. (mycloud 1st gen until about a year ago) I have just recently lost the ability to remotely map drives etc on the my cloud. I suspect it was an automatic firmware upgrade from WD at this point. Really frustrating.

What firmware is the EX2 Ultra running? OS3 v2.x firmware or the newer OS5 v5.x firmware?