Locking software for Passport external drives

I own a 2013 Passport Model Number WDBBEP0010BBK-NESN and a 2014 Passport Model Number WDBZFP0010BBK-NESN.

On the 2013 Passport the locking software never worked. Therefore I erased it from the hard drive and I don’t have it any more. On the 2014 Passport the locking software works and I was wondering if I could copy the locking software from the 2014 Passport to the 2013 Passport, so that I could password protect the 2013 Passport as well.

Could somebody kindly let me know? Also, if this is possible, what are the locking software files that I should copy from the 2014 Passport to the 2013 Passport?


Hello there,

Try to use the WD security software to see if this helps you out, here is a link to download it:


Hope this helps

Thanks, I’ll try the software.

Hello, i also have a My Passport, i input its s/n [Deleted] It did not accept it as valid but it is correct. Can you please tell me where i can go to have it serviced, either by WD or by an affiliate of you? The model # is WDBBEP0010BSL-01. My email is [Deleted]. Thank you.